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DE Connor Barwin isn’t getting by LT Tyron Smith and without DT Bennie Logan, DT Fletcher Cox is going to see double teams every snap. The one matchup in the trenches that favors the Eagles defense is DE Brandon Graham against RT Doug Free. Expect Dallas to give Free help most of the night..

They should loop and come across the front of the body. At first this will look a little awkward, it is not that fancy, but it is basic. You must practice swing so that you miss hitting your head. The traditional two kilometre time trial after returning to the club in January rang deafening alarm bells. “I was lapped about three laps in,” Hunt says, laughing that when football manager Neil Balme appeared at his side asking if he was all right and he was still running at the time he knew he was in strife. “I’m a junk runner, I’m no good, but I’m not that bad!”.

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